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In those medical-care program that claim prevention as a fundamental strategy, it is quite evident the necessity to grasp the distance between citizens as potentially beneficiaries of a health intervention and the Clinical Centers  involved of in the diagnosis of neurodegenerative diseases in the territory. In particular, there is still no widespread culture of prevention in the field of neurological diseases, differently from others such oncology, cardiology or the field of metabolic diseases. It often happens that when the patient, for example, with disorders of memory decides or is initiated at a visit to the HCP (typically the neurologist), about two years have passed by since the onset of the first symptoms.


The project aims primarily to promote the engagement, of patients with initial memory deficit. This will promote a greater level of individual awareness of the importance of considering the symptom and will help for the building of an operational network that connects the citizen, the General Practitioners, the HCPs and the specialized clinics in the diagnosis and, treatment and  prevention of memory diseases.