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 “Ageing-in-place” is recognized as a crucial goal and strategy to improve the quality of life of elderly citizens as well as the sustainability of social and welfare systems. “Ageing-in-place” is defined as “remaining living in the community, with some level of independence, rather than in residential care”.

Family caregivers of elderly citizens constitute a crucial resource to make the “ageing-in-place” imperative a  reality for practice.

To date, there is little knowledge of the welfare system about family caregivers’ of elderly citizens unique needs and expectations, especially in remote and rural areas.  Little is known about the kind of social support or community services that are needed to best support caregivers in their crucial role and to make the “ageing-in-place” requirement feasible and sustainable. 


PLACE 4 CARERS is community-based participatory research project, coordinated by EngageMinds HUB, aimed to co-generate, develop, and implement a new social and community service for family caregivers of elderly citizens in the remote rural area of Vallecamonica.