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a science-based measure of patient engagement experience
  • The PHE-S features 5 items with an ordinal structure in order to be consistent with the PHE model's conceptualization, which envisages four different profiles along the engagement continuum

  • Although the PHE model described four engagement profiles, the ordinal scale was measured on a 7-point scale in order to facilitate patients' responses and to avoid social desirability bias

  • PHE-S allows to briefly and easily assess the level of psychological elaboration of a patient concerning his/her health condition

  • The patient engagement experience is a must-have vital parameter for healthcare systems as it allows to allocate resources more effectively, improve patient personalized support, and reliably measure the impact of providers’ performances and health organization efforts.

Patient with lower levels of engagement are less compliant to the therapeutic regimen and less akine to enact preventive behaviours.

PHE-S adds a key layer of prospective clinical insights.

Diagnosing the level of patient engagement allows to offer personalized care services based on each person's needs.

Support the patients to orient themselves in the different options of the health services based on levels of engagement is necessary in order to effectively manage the treatment path and reduce health waste.


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