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Nowadays, the Healthcare system is marked by growing challenges that have led to face scenarios characterized by an increase in welfare demand in the face of a scarcity of economic and human resources. Chronicity is therefore the new scenario with which professionals and institutions must confront each other with in order to produce effective and sustainable assistance responses. Consequently, priority is given to fostering effective integration among healthcare organizations and local and economic service in the treatment of the patients. 

In this scenario, the concept of Patient Engagement has assumed growing both in the scientific debate and in everyday health practice which highlight a growing importance of people to be more involved in the decision-making process related to their cures. However, although researchers and clinicians agree on the ethical and pragmatic priority of the promotion of Patient Engagement, there is currently no consensus about the most appropriate strategies and tools for achieving this goal.


Based on these premises, the Italian Consensus Conference on Patient Engagement (CCIPE) represents an environment of exchange and discussion among experts from different clinical and institutional contexts in order to identify good practices and effective tools to promote Patient Engagement in the field of clinical-assistance for chronic diseases.

The CCIPE is coordinated by the EngageMindsHUB, funded by the Open Innovation Project of the Lombardy Region, under the methodological supervision of the National Institute of Health. Its objective is to build shared recommendations for the benefit of organizations and actors involved in various ways in the management of chronicity. In particular:

  • to identify current Italian and international best practices aimed at promoting Patient Engagement for chronic diseases management;

  • to promote a multidisciplinary consensus (and among health professionals and patients) in order to establish recommendations and guidelines on methodologies and tools for the promotion of Patient Engagement.