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Western health systems, more and more often, underline the urgent need for active involvement and caregiver engagement, as crucial actors in the therapeutic-care process. This is even more fundamental when the patient are in frail conditions, such as older people of children

The context of pediatrics deserves indeed a particular attention given its peculiarity. Caring for the care of a family member is always a tiring and emotionally destabilizing experience. However, when is the family member to care for is a child, parent involvement in the care process takes on specific connotations. 

Fightthestroke, is an association that supports families impacted by the management of a survivor from stroke. This Associations recognizes the importance of supporting parents in playing an active and conscious role in the rehabilitation process of their child. Scientific evidence shows that where parents really become an active part of the care team, there are improvements in the clinical and psychological health of young patients.



The Fightthestroke association in collaboration with EngageMinds Hub, Consumer and Health Engagement Research Center - Catholic University of Milan, has launched a pilot study with the aim to:

1. explore the relationship between the use of Mirrorable platform and indicators of parental activation and engagement through the use of validated psychometric scales;

2. evaluate the experience of using Mirrorable platform through the collection of narrative diaries filled in by parents.