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EngageMinds HUB is linked with a vast network of actors who are directly involved in the health and food consumer sector.

EngageMinds HUB supports and promotes the creation of strategic partnerships between institutions, public and private bodies, companies, associations, professionals and patients / consumers to improve the active involvement of people in the conscious management of their own well-being.

Within the activated partnerships, EngageMinds HUB carries out research projects with a high scientific and social impact and consultancy initiatives to measure and promote patient / consumer engagement and support the integration of these new approaches into the processes of the partners involved.


EngageMinds HUB supports its partners in the following areas:

1. Measure people's engagement and profile their psychological attitude to active involvement in active and conscious management of their well-being (i.e. Proms, Prems, patient engagement index, caregiver engagement index ...).

2. Identify areas of criticality that undermine the active involvement of people in active and conscious management of their well-being.

3. Develop processes and initiatives aimed at overcoming the aforementioned criticalities (i.e. patient support programs, therapeutic education initiatives, motivational counseling, awareness raising campaigns, training of professionals ...).

4. Measure ex post the impact of the interventions performed.