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EngageMinds HUB activities are carried out with the collaboration of teachers. researchers and qualified experts from different disciplinary sectors (psychology; agricultural, food and environmental sciences; economics; medicine; jurisprudence; sociology; banking sciences) at national and international level with a view to enhance transdisciplinarity and cross-cultural comparison.

More specifically, the EngageMinds HUB Research Center is active in the following areas related of engagement and participation in health and food consumption.


1.  Generation of national and international scientific evidence on the topic of engagement.

2. Design and provision of education, awareness and information initiatives on engagement topic.

3. Evaluation, profiling and monitoring of engagement and participation experiences.

4. Specialized scientific consultancy for the conception, planning and implementation of interventions to evaluate and encourage engagement (ie patient involvement, consumer involvement, food commitment), assistance in integrating them into the processes and activities of the clients / partners.

5. Orientation and support in the policy making and advocacy processes to enhance engagement.